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Student Driver's Ed Updated information
Dear Driver's Ed Students/Parents & Guardians: 

It has come to our attention that some school events have overlapped with our Student Driving Course this month. 
In an effort to accommodate you, we have adjusted the schedule to try and make it easier for ALL of you to participate in your school events and not miss any of the mandatory class periods. 

The following dates have been deleted from the schedule: March 13th and March 23rd.

The NEW Start date for class will be on Tuesday, March 14th from 5-8 pm. 

The rest of the schedule will be as follows: 
March 14 from 5-8 pm
March 16 from 5-8 pm
March 17 from 5-8 pm
March 20 from 5-8 pm
March 21 from 5-8 pm
March 24th from 1230-330 pm (This is an early out school day, so the times are earlier)
March 27 from 5-8 pm
March 28 from 5-8 pm
March 31 from 5-8 pm
Saturday, April 1 from 9 am - noon

If you cannot attend all of these days, you can choose from other courses available. There is a ZOOM Session available in May, and an in class course offered in Spring Grove this June. Please contact Kelly at if you need to switch your registration. 
Please know that every effort was made to try and accommodate all of you.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Mabel-Canton Community Ed-Heather
United Driving School-Kelly