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Student Drivers Ed Information:

Dan Bieberdorf and Jake Dahl are Driver's Education Instructors and they will be offering a 30-hour classroom training in Mabel this winter, in Rushford and Spring Grove this summer, and Houston this fall for students wanting to get their driver's permitStudents must be at least 14 years old to take a class, and all classes are open to any students (you do not have to be a student at M-C, R-P, Spring Grove, or Houston to attend).  The course includes a special Parent/Student Class and ten 3-hour student classes that each student will need to attend, as well as a make-up date that will be for anyone that has to miss part or all of one of the classes. The specific dates for the classes in Mabel are listed below.

In addition to the classes being taught this year, they will also be offering additional classroom trainings in Mabel next winter (Feb/March 2021), as well as in Rushford, Spring Grove, and Houston again in 2021 as well. While the specific dates have not yet been determined, the format will be similar and it will start with a Parent/Student Class followed by 10 Class Days and a Make-up Day.


Please CLICK HERE for more information about the upcoming classes in 2020 and to register for one of the classes.  The specific dates and times are listed below:



Parent/Student Class

Feb 9 – 1:00 -2:30 pm


Student Classes:

Feb 15 – 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 16 – Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 22 - 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 23 - Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 28 - 4:00-7:00 pm

Feb 29 - 8:00-11:00 am

March 1 - Noon-3:00 pm

March 2 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 5 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 6 - 4:00-7:00 pm


March 7 - Noon-3:00 pm (Make-up)

The cost for the program is $190 for the Classroom portion and $190 for the Behind-the-Wheel portion, but only the Classroom fee is due at the start of the class. Parents and students are highly encouraged to attend one of the Parent/Student Classes on Feb 9th, and payments can be brought to the Parent/Student Class or the first Student Class. For more information on the program or to register for a class, please feel free to email us, check out our website, or go to the direct registration link:


For any specific questions, please contact Mr. Bieberdorf or Mr. Dahl using their contact info. below:

          Dan Bieberdorf                                                             Jake Dahl
          Cell: 507-450-1314                                                      Cell 507-450-4975
          Email:                              Email:






New Student School Hours 2019:

Elementary: 8:11 am - 3:04 pm
High School: 8:11 am - 3:09 pm

Parent's Night (Boys basketball/Cheer) - has been moved to Monday, Jan. 27th. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Parent's Night (Girls basketball/Cheer) - Thursday, Jan. 30th
(Mini Cheer camp halftime performance as well)

M-C High School will be offering the ACT on March 24th.  The tests need to be ordered soon. We have made arrangements with the Mabel Community Center to administer the test at their site.

The deadline to register is Friday, January 31st.  Please pay the fee in the main office.  Make the checks to "Mabel-Canton Public High School". Cost : $59.00

If you miss the payment deadline or choose to test at a later date, you can register for testing (the test will be at another school location - NOT through M-C High School) at  The other national test dates are April, June & July (you register & pay one month prior).


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Activity Scheduler App?

Mabel-Canton Activity Calendar Mobile App 


You can now download a “Mobile App” for daily information on Mabel-Canton activities.  Also available is “Notify Me” when there are changes.


Go to the Mabel-Canton School website:


Click on a date in the “Calendar” located on the left hand side of the website.




Select a date and it will bring you to the following screen shown on the next page:







On the right hand side click on “Get the Mobile App”


Select “App Store” or “Google Play” and download the app that works for you.


Once you open the app you will need to type in Mabel-Canton Schools and then finish with the set up.


Also, there is the “Notify Me” button - if you select this and sign-up you will get notifications when anything changes on the calendar and it will also show up on the mobile app calendar.










How do I unsubscribe to the School Text Alerts?
Reply @LEAVE to the number you are receiving messages from.
Click on gear icon in the upper left for the class you want to leave. Click "Leave this class" on the pop up
Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

What is ECFE?

How will I know when my child's lunch account is running low or out of funds?
Each week reminders are sent out with children K-5 grades if the account has dropped below $5.00 or is delinquent. Please send a check along to the school promptly to replenish this account. You may include several children on the same check.
For older students, there are notices posted in the school with their account number and amount remaining. They are to have the responsibility to keep track of their account, however will still get a reminder slip during lunch block if their account is getting too low.
If you provide the school with a valid email address, you may also get notices sent to you via email. Be sure to check to see if your email denotes a negative or positive balance.

How much is an adult lunch?

Where do I take the Milk Moola tops, Box tops, soup labels and pop tabs that I have collected at home for the school to redeem for points/cash?
At this time, you can bring all donations to the school cafeteria to be donated. These items are greatly appreciated by the school district, as they go towards new Phy Ed equipment and items for the kids to use at the school. Thanks for your support!

How much are the athletic fees?
For the year of 2016-2017, High School (grades 9-12) Athletic fees are $50.00 per sport. Junior High (grades 6 - 8th) athletic fees at $35.00 per sport. If you have multiple children in the same family participating in sports throughout the school year, the family maximum fee would be $160.00 per family. Cheerleaders now need to pay a $35 fee for the year.

Who do I call if my child will be absent from school?
If your child is in Elementary or Middle school, call: Heather at 507-493-5422 ext. 102
If your child is in High School, call: Lynette at 507-493-5423 ext. 101
You can always leave a voice mail on either phone if you call during non-office hours.
Please be sure to report your child's absence by 8:30 AM on the date of absence or before.

How do I access my child's grades and see if they owe lunch money?
In the Quick Links box (top right hand side of the website Home page) you will see a link listed as "Parent Link". Click on here, and it will take you to a screen that asks you how you are logging in and to choose what particular grade your child is in. Make sure you check the correct box (if you are inside the school, or outside the school) and be sure to select the correct grade area (K-6 or 7-12 grades). From here, the next screen will prompt you to enter your log in and password. Your log in is the Parent's Last Name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Your password is also case sensitive (either caps or lower case) and can be any combination of letters and numbers that you wish. Please specify this when you set up your account. Once you enter in your log in and password, click enter, and you should see a screen with your information, your child's information and different buttons you can choose from, depending on what type of report you are looking for (grades, lunch account balance, etc.) **Note** If you would prefer that your children do not have access to the parent account (they will be able to see sibling grades as well as their own) they may set up their own student account and be able to access their own grades and information. You may request this account to be set up through the District Office as well.

What is the process for lettering in Theater?
How can I earn points towards a school letter?

• Help with special events and productions
• Participate in High School Theater Productions
• Attend other productions (local, colleges, etc.)
• Participate in other productions in the community
• Attend theater workshops/clinics

How many points do I need to earn a letter?

You need a total of 20 points to receive a letter. Point values vary according to the activity you participate in.

What if I don’t get 20 points in one year, do I have to start all over?

No. You can accumulate points from year to year. Your point accumulation begins in 7th grade. When you have accumulated 20 points you will earn a letter for that year. Extra points then carry over to the next year and you can accumulate points until you have enough for another year. You can only get one letter in Speech & Drama per year.

Overall Procedure

1. In order to letter you must earn 20 points.

2. If 20 points are not earned during the designated 12-month period, the points will carry over to the next year.

3. Activities done independently of Mabel-Canton Speech and Drama can earn points, but will not be awarded until you submit them for Ms. Harman’s approval.

4. Participation in drama productions can either be performance or technical.

The point values are as follows:

1 pt- meetings, field trips, workshops, additional help on productions outside your primary production role

2 pt- participation in community productions, drama classes and camps.

4 pt- Full participation in Mabel-Canton Speech and Drama events (One Act Play, Fall or Spring Production, and Speech.)

How much are Season Passes? Will they get me into Tournament Play?
Season Passes are not valid during Tournament Play. Adult Season passes are $50 each, Senior (55+) and Student passes are $30 each. Family Maximum is $150.00.

How can I support the M-C Cheerleaders?
The M-C Cheerleaders have a drop site near the Steam Engine Grounds for collecting aluminum cans. They take these cans in for redemption monthly and use that money to earn their way towards attending a summer cheer camp each year. Thank you for supporting the Mabel-Canton Cheer Squad!