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Mabel Canton Public School

316 W. Fillmore Ave.
Mabel, MN 55954
Phone: (507) 493-5422
Fax: (507) 493-5425
Bus Manager: 507-867-3410 
*Please contact Bernard Bus Company with any transportation questions or concerns. 


Give the Gift of Reading!
December 6th at 3:00-8:00 pm
Where: MC Media Center


M-C Coin Drive

Mark your Calendar! November 26-30th
This week, our school is participating in a classroom-level coin drive called the Coin-A-Day Challenge.
The classroom that collects the highest average per student will vote on their winning prize:
1.Play Volleyball against staff
2. Play Dodgeball against staff
3. Extra sledding time on a day the teacher chooses
4. Popcorn & Movie
*Penny Money      *Nickel Tuesday     *Dime Wednesday    *Quarter Thursday
   *Any Coin Friday
If you have loose coins hiding under couch cushions, floor mats, in pants pockets, or the bottom of your bag, put them to good use by giving students more access to books they'll want to read!
Our school will use the donations to purchase books for the MC Library, makerspace items, beans to refill our bean bag chairs, and hopefully a futon for a comfy place to read and do school work while visiting the library. 
Thank you for supporting the Mabel-Canton Library!



Upcoming Dates for November:

Nov. 15th-Financial Aid meeting at 6 pm 

Nov. 16-Playgroup from 9:30-11 am

Nov. 17th--Turkey Bingo! 6 pm 

Nov. 21-23rd-Thanksgiving Break, No School

Nov. 26-Baby (ECFE) Night at 5:45 pm

Nov. 27-Defensive Driving Refresher (4 hr) course at 5:30 pm

Nov  28th-1 hour late Wednesday

Nov. 29th-Paper Marbling class for kids at 3 pm, Scarf Marbling for Teen's/adults begin at 6 pm

Nov. 30-Playgroup from 9:30-11 am

*Please check the Daily Announcements for more details on activities. Events are subject to change.