Speech Team

Welcome to Extracurricular Speech!

Our Speech team is made up of 7th-12 grade students.  

For more information, contact Ms. Breitenbach-Dirks!


Public Address:
  • Informative Speaking
    • an original (student-written) informative composition that presents information                      
  • Original Oratory
    • an original (student-written) persuasive composition that offers insight or guidance              
  • Great Speeches
    • analysis of a historically significant speech (or anthology of speeches) given by another

  • Creative Expression 
    • (anything creative that is written and preformed by the student)
  • Duo Interpretation 
    • (two students interpreting serious or humorous prose, poetry, or drama)                                
  • Humorous Interpretation
    • (interpretation of a published piece of prose, poetry, or drama given for enjoyment and amusement)
  • Serious Drama Interpretation
    • (performing published plays, radio-plays, television plays, or screen plays of a serious nature)                                                                                                                                     
  • Serious Poetry Interpretation
    • (performing published poetry that is serious in mood)                                                                
  • Serious Prose Interpretation
    • (performing published selection of prose, fiction, or non-fiction that is serious in nature)

Limited Preparation:
  • Extemporaneous Reading 
    • (student draws a reading and has 30 minutes to create an introduction and practice reading)                                                                                                                                                  
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • (student draws a question based on current U.S. or International topics and has 30 minutes to prepare a speech synthesizing fact and opinion)                                                             
  • Storytelling
    • (students extemporaneously recreate a familiar story; stories are drawn 30 minutes prior)
  • Discussion 
    • small group problem-solving discussions seeking concensus

2020 DATES:
  • Saturday, March 28 - Subsection Tournament  (Cannon Falls)
  • Saturday, April 4 - Section Tournament  (Byron)
  • Friday, April 17 - Saturday, April 18 - State Tournament  (Wayzata)
       * More Invitational Tournment Dates to be posted soon!