I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and the extra days off. I plan to have some fun with looking for patterns the first days of school. Seeing patterns is important to learning.


My class will be using Google Docs, a web-based data storage service, offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online. Your child has a G-mail account that will be used quite a bit in 5th grade. Google Docs will allow your child to work on a writing project at school and continue to work on the assignment from home.


A weekly letter with an update from Mrs. Bergey, Mrs. Peter, and myself will be sent via email informing you of any homework, upcoming tests, and skills/concepts being taught. If you need a hardcopy, please let me know. My weekly homework is reading and keeping a reading log. Once we check books out from the library, we should be able to start.


Thank you in advance for all your support from home.  I truly appreciate ALL you do.

Contact: Ruthann Sacquitne