Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mabel-Canton Varsity Cheer!
Hello, My name is Heather Kleiboer. 
I have been coaching Mabel-Canton Varsity Cheerleading since 2003. I was a Football and Wrestling Cheerleader at Waukon High School, and fortunate enough to be able to accept the coaching position here at Mabel-Canton when I started working here. 

My passion for Cheerleading has grown over the years to more than just standing sideline and trying to get the crowd involved and supporting the game in play. Teaching the cheerleaders the fundamentals of the games they cheer for is also important, and tools that they will take with them long after they graduate. 
We focus on SAFETY in our cheer routines. As a stunt certified squad, safety is our most important priority. Accidents happen, but we do our best to prevent them. 

Mabel-Canton Schools acknowledge Cheerleading as a sport, and hold the athletes to the same standards as athletes in other sports. They must abide by the rules set forth by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) and by the standards set by the School. 

Our program holds try-outs in the spring to any MC student that will be in grades 7-12 that are interested in trying out for the team. A week long practice is available for those wanting to learn material before they present to a panel of judges. Scores are based on the applicants ability to execute cheerleading techniques, cheers, tumbling, and jumping drills. Attitude and enthusiasm are also very important. Never hesitate to ask myself or current Cheerleading members questions-we are happy to help! There will be a packet of information for each applicant for the team that will help answer any questions about uniforms, games, practices, camp and more.

If you are chosen to be a part of the team, you will be responsible for the purchase of your uniform. The school does not provide them, so the cheerleaders are actively involved in the uniform selection process and are able to do some preplanned fundraising to help offset the cost.  

One of our major events of the year is our annual Summer NCA camp. Since I started coaching, I have found that it is extremely important for my squad to bond and form a friendship with each other as well as learning new material, perfecting techniques and representing our school in the community.  We schedule a camp that may be held between June and August and do our best to accommodate everyone on the team. Fundraising is done for this as well, thru our Community Recycling program.  Generally the team raises enough money each year to attend without much for out of pocket expenses. 

By attending an NCA Camp, the cheerleaders are encouraged to work hard and get nominated in any of the 5 categories for the All American Team. To find out more information about the All American Team- click here:  https://www.varsity.com/nca/school/camps/all-american-info/

In the past few years, we have had many cheerleaders earn the reward to travel to special events and perform nationally at Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios in Orlando Fl, and even internationally in London! There are some great opportunities that you can only experience through cheerleading, and I hope to be able to continue the tradition of having the sport of Cheerleading at M-C as long as we can. Cheer is the only sport that it's main purpose is to support the athletes on the field/court--and promote school spirit. We hope you can join us!

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