Welcome to Middle School, the 2022-2023 edition!  It's time for a busy new school year to begin.  I hope you are excited to be back with friends and teachers, and ready to learn a lot of new things!

I am excited to begin my fourth year teaching 5th - 8th grade science here at Mabel-Canton.  In 5th grade, we study a variety of topics within  life, physical and earth sciences.  In 6th grade, we focus more in the field of earth science.  In 7th grade, our focus revolves around life science.  In 8th grade, our field of study is in physical science.  Minnesota science standards have been moved around, so note: if your student studied physical science in 6th grade, they will be learning about earth science. 

I look forward to getting to know my new students, seeing my previous students, and watching you all learn and grow throughout the year.  Let's make it a great school year!

Contact information:
Email: tpeter@mabelcanton.org ;
(**If you email after school hours, I may not get back to you until the next school day.)
Phone: 507-493-5422  ext. 8137
(**The best time to call is after school.)


Contact: Tamitha Peter