Jordan Nelson

High School Science

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How can I improve my grade??

  • Come Prepared! (Book, pen/pencil, notebook)
  • Use the Schoology site/videos/extra practice to help guide you at home SEE BELOW for help!
  • Ask questions
  • Retake test/quizzes that you didn't understand (an AVERAGE will be earned for the score) but you need to study at least 1 hour outside of class and have filled out a study tracker sheet and summary, AND it needs to be done within FIVE SCHOOL DAYS of the test/quiz you'd like to retake
  • Do your homework--don't just copy--that's not helping you learn at all.
  • Ask a classmate to help explain it to you.
  • Don't wait to get help! Come in before school, after school or during Mrs. Nelson's lunch or prep.
  • Study a little at a time--avoid cramming
  • Everyone learns DIFFERENTLY, you may learn quicker than others, slower than others but that's okay--It's more important you discover what WORKS FOR YOU.

All classes will use schoology.  Here are some helpful things with schoology

Daily Schedule & Homework is posted on planbook.  Your student is expected to write down the daily assignments from the board in class every day. 

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact me the following ways:
Email (preferred)
Phone: 507-493-5422 Ext. 243





Test/Quiz (or exit/ homework ticket)



Link to webpage


Page (might be for instructions or have extra practice links)

Folders (for weekly or chapter material)


<-- This is exactly what your child would see and need to click on to open the introductory quiz.

Help Link provided by Schoology: