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Student Drivers Ed Information:

Dan Bieberdorf and Jake Dahl are Driver's Education Instructors and they will be offering a 30-hour classroom training in Mabel this winter, in Rushford and Spring Grove this summer, and Houston this fall for students wanting to get their driver's permitStudents must be at least 14 years old to take a class, and all classes are open to any students (you do not have to be a student at M-C, R-P, Spring Grove, or Houston to attend).  The course includes a special Parent/Student Class and ten 3-hour student classes that each student will need to attend, as well as a make-up date that will be for anyone that has to miss part or all of one of the classes. The specific dates for the classes in Mabel are listed below.

In addition to the classes being taught this year, they will also be offering additional classroom trainings in Mabel next winter (Feb/March 2021), as well as in Rushford, Spring Grove, and Houston again in 2021 as well. While the specific dates have not yet been determined, the format will be similar and it will start with a Parent/Student Class followed by 10 Class Days and a Make-up Day.


Please CLICK HERE for more information about the upcoming classes in 2020 and to register for one of the classes.  The specific dates and times are listed below:




Student Classes:

Feb 15 – 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 16 – Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 22 - 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 23 - Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 28 - 4:00-7:00 pm

Feb 29 - 8:00-11:00 am

March 1 - Noon-3:00 pm

March 2 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 5 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 6 - 4:00-7:00 pm


March 7 - Noon-3:00 pm (Make-up)

The cost for the program is $190 for the Classroom portion and $190 for the Behind-the-Wheel portion, but only the Classroom fee is due at the start of the class. Parents and students are highly encouraged to attend one of the Parent/Student Classes on Feb 9th, and payments can be brought to the Parent/Student Class or the first Student Class. For more information on the program or to register for a class, please feel free to email us, check out our website, or go to the direct registration link:


For any specific questions, please contact Mr. Bieberdorf or Mr. Dahl using their contact info. below:

          Dan Bieberdorf                                                             Jake Dahl
          Cell: 507-450-1314                                                      Cell 507-450-4975
          Email:                              Email:





Student School Hours 2020:

Elementary: 8:11 am - 3:04 pm
High School: 8:11 am - 3:09 pm

Thursday, Feb. 13--Mabel Canton school is running 2 hrs late. 

2020 Senior Raffle Winners


The Mabel-Canton Senior Class appreciates all the support the community has provided to our Senior Raffle.  Because of you, we were able to sell 752 tickets this year. The money raised will be an important part of our fundraising for our class trip to Washington, D.C. Please continue the support by attending our Turkey Dinner on March 22nd.


$1000 Winner    #958 Nikki Erickson   Sold by Avery Davis

$500 Winner      #161 Dean Stortz   Sold by Sarina Stortz

$250 Winner      #335 Poppy Zafft      Sold by Lauryl Laine

$50 Winners       #779 Lisa Johnson       Sold by Payton Danielson

        #168 Jeff Rein   Sold by  Sarina Stortz

#944  JoDee Jevene    Sold by Cloey Busch

#192  Holly McCabe Sold by Brayden Gjere 

#811  Jim Stortz    Sold by Sarina Stortz 

#204  Blaine Coyle  Sold by  Brayden Gjere

#852  Georgina Ardinger   Sold by Cloey Busch