Public Participation and Adding to the Agenda

During the regular meeting each month, Public Participation is scheduled to allow patrons the opportunity to communicate with the board. At that time, people may present comments, suggestions, concerns or requests. An item brought before the board during open forum will usually not receive any discussion, action or response by the board at the time it is presented. Please do not be offended if the board does not take immediate action, or engage with you in questioning or discussion during the Public Participation. Instead, the board may pursue the item by fact finding, research, or further appropriate investigation. If deemed necessary, the item may then be placed on the next month's agenda for discussion or action.
Each individual requesting the opportunity to address the board during Public Participation is asked to limit their comments to five (5) minutes or less. If a group, organized or not, wishes to address the board, they are asked to designate a spokesperson for the group, and contain their comments to three (3) minutes or less.

Individuals or groups who wish to place an item on the agenda should do so by contacting the Superintendent, at least ten (10) days before the regularly scheduled board meeting. Requests should include name, address, phone number, organization represented if applicable, purpose of the presentation, and pertinent background information.

Contact: Gary Kuphal