Due to summer construction, in addition to our school year ending early this year (last day May 27th, 2022 at 12:15), we will also be starting school a week later this coming 2022-2023 school year.

Start of the 2022-2023 School Year:
September 7th: Back to School Night

September 12th: 1st Day of High School (ELEM individually scheduled testing day) 
September 13th: 1st Day of Elementary School

We have received many inquiries regarding summer SAC. Due to the scheduled construction at the school this summer, we have been looking into other options. Unfortunately, we couldn't secure an alternate location. Therefore, we are unable to offer summer SAC this year. Thank you for your understanding.


Playground Rules

No Rough Play
• No hitting/punching
• No pushing/pinching
• No spitting/biting
• No wrestling
• No snow/ice balls

No Verbal or Emotional Harassment
• No teasing
• No bad/inappropriate language
• No name calling
• No inappropriate gestures

Use playground equipment, surface, and grounds the way it was intended for
• No climbing the fences
• No climbing up the slide, going down on one’s front side, or pushing others down the slide
• No sitting on the top of the zipper slide
• No throwing of grass, sand, or dirt on the new playground surface/or at people

Football should be two-hand touch

No toys brought from home; the school cannot be responsible for broken, lost, or stolen toys! (Sleds will be provided in the winter by the school.)

No weapons or facsimile of weapons (meaning toy knives, guns, swords, etc.)

No theft or vandalism of any kind

No direct insubordination/disobeying to school authorities

Students must have permission from the supervisor to leave the recess area

Students should dress appropriately for the weather. If the temperature is above zero (including wind-chill)
students should be prepared for an outdoor recess
• Students must have boots and snow pants after the first snowfall to play on snow piles that accumulate on the blacktop area
• Students not wearing snow pants or boots must stay off the snow piles and on the plowed blacktop

Playground Consequences Grades K-3

1. School Action: Verbal Reprimand - clearly point out the misbehavior and set the expectations for future conduct.
Student Action: Improve behavior.
2. School Action: Parent Contact (notes, telephone, or email) -attempt to problem solve with the parents by establishing joint efforts to find solutions for conduct issues.
Student Action: Elementary discipline slip will be filled out by the student in the office. Elementary discipline slip
will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature and returned to school.
3. School Action: Instructional Decision Making Team - formulate a plan for correcting behavioral issues with principal, school social worker, teachers, and parents.
Student Action: Elementary discipline slip will be filled out by the student in the office. Elementary discipline slip
will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature and returned to school.
Playground Consequences Grades 4-6

First offense: Phone call and letter home describing offense from classroom teacher. The letter comes back signed and dated. Letter will be sent to the one offended and the one that offended. Letter includes actions taken if there is a second offense. Copy of letter will be filed in the office.
Second Offense: Phone call home and letter from principal describing offense and consequences if a third offense should occur. The student and parent/s will be given a time that may or may not be convenient with their schedule for them and their student to meet with the principal and teacher. All parties will be included in the conference. Copy of letter given to the office.
Third Offense: Phone call and letter home describing the offense and time set-up for class after school on behavior with social worker Mrs. Bates that includes the parent/s and child involved.

These expectations are being outlined for students and parents to make them aware of the behaviors expected throughout the school day, in and out of the classroom. This is necessary to insure the safety and well-being of all school children. Mr. Nolte along with the homeroom teacher, will visit each classroom and discuss the expectations with students; we ask that it be done between parent and child as well.

Contact: Michelle Weidemann, Principal