Starting 9/10/20 ALL students will receive FREE Breakfast and Lunch. This is due to a change in USDA regulations, and will remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2020 or until funding expires. 

As of 9/21/20: Football and Volleyball athletic seasons have been reinstated for the Fall 2020 season. Tentatively the first VB game will be 10/8 and the first FB game on 10/9. Spectator information and Season Schedule details are still being worked out--stay tuned for updates. If you have a student athlete, please make sure that fall athletic fees are paid by the first game. 
Cost: grades 6-8th are $35 per sport, grades 9-12 are $50 per sport. Please contact Mr. Morken (AD) or the school office with questions. 

Per the Governor's Executive Order executed on July 22, 2020, the Mabel-Canton Public School district will be mandating all k-12 students, staff and visitors to wear masks as they enter and remain in the school building beginning  July 25, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding and compliance.  Please call the school district administrative team if you have any questions.

Elementary School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:04 pm
High School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:09 pm
Be sure to let the OFFICE know if  your child will not be in school--thank you!

If you are interested in serving on YEARBOOK STAFF, please sign up in the office by Oct 1. We need page designers and photographers, remember that you get in to all extra curricular events for FREE if you are working on a yearbook page. During your lunch on Wednesday, 9/30/20 from 12:04-12:32, we will meet for our first Yearbook meeting, pick a cover and get your log in / passwords and start claiming pages. Bring your laptops and lunch! Report to the Ag Classroom and we will meet during that time. 

Lots of Student info/Computer use/ other paperwork has been turned in. However, many have not. Be on the look out for forms that are sent home this week or next week--if you get one, that means you or your child has a missing form. Please fill it out completely and return in to the main office. Please call us if you have any questions. 507-493-5422

FOOTBALL/CHEER: Your Senior Recognition Night and Parent's Night will be on our first Home Football game vs. Southland on Oct. 9th. Please stay tuned to our new SPECTATOR Guidelines for the game--they will be shared with our community as soon as they are finalized. 

RETAKE PHOTO DAY: Set for Wednesday, Oct. 14th, starting at 8: 30 am (this is a late start Wednesday). If you need retakes done--please bring your packet with you to return and have your student photo retaken. If you missed the first photo day, please plan to take your photo, regardless if you plan to purchase a packet or not (it is not required) Thank you!

Reminder: When you are calling in an absence for your child, please make sure that you notify the office, not just the teacher. Thank you!

New OFFICE Location:

If you have not been in the building yet to notice the change--our offices have moved down by the High School Gym. Please use this entrance during the day when picking up/dropping off students. Thank you!

      **If you have any questions about items on this list, or think you see an error-please let me know. I appreciate the heads up! Thank you-Heather K.



Contact: Heather Kleiboer