Elementary School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:04 pm
High School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:09 pm
Be sure to let the OFFICE know if  your child will not be in school--thank you!

March-April-May events:

The School will be closed from Wednesday, March 18th until Monday, May 4th with plans to resume classes on Tuesday, May 5th.  Please check the website for updated information regarding the school closure, and also be checking your email for notices sent home on our process during this time. 

New OFFICE Location:

If you have not been in the building yet to notice the change--our offices have moved down by the High School Gym. Please use this entrance during the day when picking up/dropping off students. Thank you!

      **If you have any questions about items on this list, or think you see an error-please let me know. I appreciate the heads up! Thank you-Heather K.



Contact: Heather Kleiboer