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Student Drivers Ed Information:

Dan Bieberdorf and Jake Dahl are Driver's Education Instructors and they will be offering a 30-hour classroom training in Mabel this winter, in Rushford and Spring Grove this summer, and Houston this fall for students wanting to get their driver's permitStudents must be at least 14 years old to take a class, and all classes are open to any students (you do not have to be a student at M-C, R-P, Spring Grove, or Houston to attend).  The course includes a special Parent/Student Class and ten 3-hour student classes that each student will need to attend, as well as a make-up date that will be for anyone that has to miss part or all of one of the classes. The specific dates for the classes in Mabel are listed below.

In addition to the classes being taught this year, they will also be offering additional classroom trainings in Mabel next winter (Feb/March 2021), as well as in Rushford, Spring Grove, and Houston again in 2021 as well. While the specific dates have not yet been determined, the format will be similar and it will start with a Parent/Student Class followed by 10 Class Days and a Make-up Day.


Please CLICK HERE for more information about the upcoming classes in 2020 and to register for one of the classes.  The specific dates and times are listed below:



Parent/Student Class

Feb 9 – 1:00 -2:30 pm


Student Classes:

Feb 15 – 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 16 – Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 22 - 8:00-11:00 am

Feb 23 - Noon-3:00 pm

Feb 28 - 4:00-7:00 pm

Feb 29 - 8:00-11:00 am

March 1 - Noon-3:00 pm

March 2 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 5 - 4:00-7:00 pm

March 6 - 4:00-7:00 pm


March 7 - Noon-3:00 pm (Make-up)

The cost for the program is $190 for the Classroom portion and $190 for the Behind-the-Wheel portion, but only the Classroom fee is due at the start of the class. Parents and students are highly encouraged to attend one of the Parent/Student Classes on Feb 9th, and payments can be brought to the Parent/Student Class or the first Student Class. For more information on the program or to register for a class, please feel free to email us, check out our website, or go to the direct registration link:


For any specific questions, please contact Mr. Bieberdorf or Mr. Dahl using their contact info. below:

          Dan Bieberdorf                                                             Jake Dahl
          Cell: 507-450-1314                                                      Cell 507-450-4975
          Email:                              Email:






New Student School Hours 2019:

Elementary: 8:11 am - 3:04 pm
High School: 8:11 am - 3:09 pm

Parent's Night (Boys basketball/Cheer) - has been moved to Monday, Jan. 27th. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Parent's Night (Girls basketball/Cheer) - Thursday, Jan. 30th
(Mini Cheer camp halftime performance as well)

M-C High School will be offering the ACT on March 24th.  The tests need to be ordered soon. We have made arrangements with the Mabel Community Center to administer the test at their site.

The deadline to register is Friday, January 31st.  Please pay the fee in the main office.  Make the checks to "Mabel-Canton Public High School". Cost : $59.00

If you miss the payment deadline or choose to test at a later date, you can register for testing (the test will be at another school location - NOT through M-C High School) at  The other national test dates are April, June & July (you register & pay one month prior).


Elementary School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:04 pm
High School day begins: 8:11 am, ends 3:09 pm

Yearbooks are here! The cost for the 2018-2019 yearbook is only $35 this year and includes Prek-12th grade students. Check the office for your copy today!

January events:

January 1 hr Late starts left: 1/29

Jan. 27th-Boys Basketball/Cheerleading Parent's Night

Jan. 30-Girls Basketball/Cheerleading Parent's Night 

(Cheer campers perform at halftime of the this game, please have the kids here by 6:30 pm by the Old Main Entrance for a material review. Then campers will return to their families until there are 2 min left in the first half of the Varsity Game. Please have your Cheer Camper meet the Squad out in the New Entry to line up for their halftime performance. Remember that the Squad will be cheering for the game, so they will not be watching campers during the game except for during this time, so make sure they are supervised. Campers should wear their camp t shirts for the performance, along with bottoms they can move well in, and no jewelry please! )

If you are interested in playing GOLF or running TRACK this spring-please sign up in the office. Look for the Blue Clipboard.


Is your Child dressed for the weather?

The weather can change fast this time of year, and temps are dropping. Please make sure to send your little one to school with hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and boots in case there is a weather change.  Keep an eye on the forecast and send extra clothing if you can (sometimes recess and skating can get wet/muddy!) Extra gloves and socks (even pants!) are always a good idea to have on hand as well. 


ICE SKATING HAS BEGUN!!! Your child will be ice skating daily in phy ed the rest of this month (weather permitting). Please make sure that they have THICK TALL SOCKS to prevent blisters and injuries during this activity. 

Tentative Skating Schedule: (This may change slightly)

8:30-9:30 Grades 4 and 2

9:30-10:30 Grades 6 and 1/2 combo

12:00-1:00 Grades 3 and K

1:00-2:00 Grades 5 and K

2:00-3:00 Grades 1 and HS Fitness


Special Milk Break Info:

If you have not paid for the full year of Milk Break, Semester 2 Milk Break dues are now due. Please pay the remaining balance of your child’s Milk Break account by Thursday, Jan. 16th. 

Please contact the office if you need to check your balance. 

Upcoming Community Ed Classes:

The Community Ed Newsletter will be published soon. There will be a Babysitting Clinic offered again this year, on Feb. 18th and 25th. More info will be posted soon!


**If you have a talent/hobby to share and would like to teach a Community Ed class, please let Heather K. know--


**If you have any ideas on classes that you would like to see offered, please also let Heather know. She will do her best to find instructors to teach the classes that you want to see, or schedule the trips that you would like to take. 


February events:

February 1 hr Late starts: 2/12, 2/26

Feb. 6th-Welch Village Ski Trip (Grades 6-8), See Mr. Morken or stop by the office if you still need the forms. 

Carnations will be on Sale--look for more info soon

Feb. 17th-No school, President’s day

Feb. 18 & 25th-Babysitting 101 clinic, 3:15-5:15 pm, more info posted soon. 

Feb. 24-28th - FFA Week, Petting Zoo scheduled for 2/27/20


New OFFICE Location:

If you have not been in the building yet to notice the change--our offices have moved down by the High School Gym. Please use this entrance during the day when picking up/dropping off students. Thank you!



  **If you have any questions about items on this list, or think you see an error-please let me know. I appreciate the heads up! Thank you-Heather K.


Contact: Heather Kleiboer