Jordan Nelson

Important Dates:

Midterm  Oct. 2  End Q1  Nov. 1
Midterm  Dec. 4  End Q2  Jan. 17
Midterm  Feb. 26  End Q3  March 27
Midterm  April 29  End Q4  May 28 (Seniors May 22)

Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 7th & 12th 3:30-7:30pm
March 12th & 17th 3:30-7:30pm


Period 1: Chemistry 1
Period 2: Chemistry 2
Period 3: Hands on Science
Period 4: Biology
Flex A: Lunch B (lunch duty) 
Period 5: Lunch
Period 6: Prep
Period 7:  Physical Science

How can I improve my grade??

  • Come Prepared! (Book, pen/pencil, notebook)
  • Use the schoology site/videos/extra practice to help guide you at home
  • Ask questions
  • Retake test/quizzes that you didn't understand (an AVERAGE will be earned for the score) but you need to study at least 1 hour outside of class and have filled out a study tracker sheet AND it needs to be done within ONE WEEK of the test/quiz you'd like to retake
  • Do your homework--don't just copy--that's not helping you learn at all.
  • Ask a classmate to help explain it to you.
  • Don't wait to get help! Come in before school, after school or during Mrs. Nelson's lunch or prep.
  • Study a little at a time--avoid cramming
  • Everyone learns DIFFERENTLY, you may learn quicker than others, slower than others but that's okay--It's more important you discover what WORKS FOR YOU.

Remember to bring a notebook for Earth Science, Physical Science and Chemistry.  
Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology will benefit from having a binder.

All classes will use schoology.

Daily Schedule & Homework is posted on plan book.  Your student is expected to write down the daily assignments from the board in class every day. Please follow the steps below to access your student's homework/grades.  Please keep in mind the weekly schedule may change due to conflicts, student needs/pace or other reasons throughout the week.  If you have questions please feel free to email me.

2. You will have to enter your students name and password to access grades and check for homework.  If you are unsure of your user name and password contact the office and they will set you up!

The following are good web pages for science reviews:



Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact me the following ways:
Email (preferred)
Phone: 507-493-5422 Ext. 243

Physical Science
This tenth grade class is an introduction to Chemistry and Physics and teaches the basic skills needed to study these subjects.
Science 8
The Earth Science course studies the physical characteristics of our Earth and its place in the Universe.
This Chemistry class teaches the information and skills neccesary for success in future college chemistry classes.
Biology is the study of the stucture and function of living organisms and their environment.