Philosophy of Teaching

Personal Philosophy

My philosophy as a teacher is simple. I will be an approachable person who cares for all of his students. Students should feel comfortable approaching me with any question. I love teaching and believe all students need to have a sense of accomplishment. In my classes students will gain this sense of accomplishment by making some project, building some structure, or designing some idea just to name a few. Students will learn to work with their classmates in a respectful manner. My classes will be rigorous but at the same time we will have fun learning.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy when I am teaching is to stress problem-solving and design. In the field of technology education there is an extreme emphasis on these two items. Students need to have an understanding how to think. They need to know how things work and they need to know how to use their mind to come up with solutions to problems. When a student takes my advanced woods class they will have to first design the project they are going to build. They will find they have some problems when they are building this project so they will have to think of solutions for the problems. These two aspects go hand in hand. When you design something you will know how it goes together so you will possibily know where there may be problems and if you do not know, you need to be able to figure out where to go to find a solution to the problem. So as a student takes my Technology Education classes they will get a good understanding of the design and problem-solving processes.