Scholarship Guidelines
At this site, you will be able to view information for the "Local Scholarships" made available to Mabel-Canton students this year. Tips:
1. Pay attention to specific requirements and details needed to fulfill the application process for each scholarship.
2. Keep a list of the scholarships you apply for - record the date and person it was given to.  
3. Keep a list of the scholarships you reviewed but DIDN'T qualify for.  This will help you avoid looking at the same ones over and over. 
4. Look one last time before you leave for the senior trip.  We don't want you to miss any opportunities.
5. Watch for a "page two" (or three) as you are looking at the scholarships on this site.  The page number is small and we don't want you to miss out.
6. If you need a letter of recommendation, it is customary to ask a week in advance and to provide an addressed & stamped envelope if it needs to be mailed. 
7. If you have questions regarding any of these applications, please see Mrs. Hollar, School Counselor.

Agricultural Scholarships

These scholarships pertain to students planning on continuing their education in the Agricultural or related fields.

General Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by several organizations in the area that want to support our students. Please see which scholarships pertain to your interests and future plans.