Due to impending weather, all Junior High practices are canceled for tonight. Varsity boys/girls will both practice after school until 4:30 pm. 
Financial Aid night will be rescheduled TBD. 

Online Class - Introduction to Movie History: Beginnings to the 1950s

I created a class that is being offered at M-C called Introduction to Movie History: Beginnings to the 1950s. It is an online class that can be taken anytime during the school day at M-C. The class is about the history of the development of movies in the United States and also includes information about important movie studios, actors and actresses, directors, and important movies throughout the early part of film history. The class is for 11th and 12th grade students who have completed general courses in American History. If interested in taking the class, please talk to me, Ms. Hahn-Miller.

Contact: jhahnmiller@mabelcanton.k12.mn.us