Starting 9/10/20 ALL students will receive FREE Breakfast and Lunch. This is due to a change in USDA regulations, and will remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2020 or until funding expires. 

As of 9/21/20: Football and Volleyball athletic seasons have been reinstated for the Fall 2020 season. Tentatively the first VB game will be 10/8 and the first FB game on 10/9. Spectator information and Season Schedule details are still being worked out--stay tuned for updates. If you have a student athlete, please make sure that fall athletic fees are paid by the first game. 
Cost: grades 6-8th are $35 per sport, grades 9-12 are $50 per sport. Please contact Mr. Morken (AD) or the school office with questions. 

Per the Governor's Executive Order executed on July 22, 2020, the Mabel-Canton Public School district will be mandating all k-12 students, staff and visitors to wear masks as they enter and remain in the school building beginning  July 25, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding and compliance.  Please call the school district administrative team if you have any questions.

Lori Schutte, 7-12 Special Education & Title I Services
I am Lori Schutte, the Mabel Canton High School Special Education Teacher. I began teaching here in 2000.  This 2017/2018 school year will be my 18th year at Mabel-Canton School!  My positions have changed, my classrooms have changed, my students have changed and our staff has changed over the years.  But, one thing remains the same... Mabel-Canton is a strong school dedicated to educate each and every student!

I now provide special education services to students in grades 7th-12th. I work with students and families of children with a variety of disabilities. My goal is to provide an individualized education experience for each of my students to help them reach their full potential not only in high school, but following into their adult life. This instruction may include accommodations or modifications to classroom materials, direct reading or math instruction in the resource room, para support in the general education setting, adaptive physical education services, speech/language services, counseling services, and more.  For students in grades 9 through 12, I also provide Transition Services.  This is training to prepare my students for gainful employment after high school.  This includes work seminar classes and work experience in a variety of settings.  When appropriate, I also work with county agencies to set up supports for my students in the community and into life after high school.

Special Education is here to help students who have been identified with a disability based on Minnesota's criteria. Students who are unable to make academic gains in the school setting, are referred to me for a Special Education Evaluation.  Minnesota has clear laws on what the evaluation procedure is to include as well as strict time lines to adhere to.  If a child qualifies for services based on Minnesota's disability criteria, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be written for the student.  Once a student is in the program, IEP meetings are help annually to discuss progress and determine if there is a need for continued services.  

Through my years of teaching - the most important thing I have learned is the need for a cooperative relationship between home, school and student.  Special Education services set a clear goal for a child.  When parents and teachers work together and support the process, the students reach their goals!  They succeed!

If you as a parent have a concern about your child's skills, please contact their general education teacher first to let them know your concern.  Mabel-Canton staff works together to provide intervention services in the general education setting, through Title and through RTI services as well.  

If you have continued concerns of have questions about Special Education, please feel free to contact me!  

I can be reached between 7:15 and 3:15 at 507-493-5423 ext 112. You could also email me at . I enjoy visiting face to face, so I am always willing to set up a meeting time with you.  

Here's hoping for another great year at Mabel-Canton!  Keep supporting our hometown school!