Athletic Update: All HOME Football tickets are sold out. Please view our COVID spectator rules for attending Football games:

If you would like to live stream the VB game or FB game,  go to and choose the LIVE SPORTS tab on the red bar.

Volleyball Parent's Night/Senior Night 2020 will be held on Saturday, Oct. 31st vs. Houston. Varsity game starts at 2:15 pm--Parent and Senior Recognition will be prior to the Varsity games. 


Per the Governor's Executive Order executed on July 22, 2020, the Mabel-Canton Public School district will be mandating all k-12 students, staff and visitors to wear masks as they enter and remain in the school building beginning  July 25, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding and compliance.  Please call the school district administrative team if you have any questions.


2020 Mabel-Canton Varsity Football Roster
#               Athlete                           Position          Gr.

1              Jack Arneson                 QB/DB               12
2              Tyler Larson                    QB/LB                8
5              Cayden Tollefsrud          RB/DB                9
7              Reid Crawford                 RB/DB              12
10            Jordan Larson                QB/DB              10
12            Tristan Marchetti             RB/DB                9
20            Jaymeson Tollefsrud      RB/DB              11
22             Kaiser Soiney                 RB/DL              10
26             Dawson Kleiboer            RB/DB             10
35             Gavin Johnson               RB/DL              12
39              Alex Arneson                 OL/LB              11
44             Hayden Erickson            OL/DL                9
50             Brady Yoder                    OL/LB              12
51             James Arneson               OL/LB             11
54            Colton Heintz-Kuderer    OL/DL              12
55           Jeremiah Schneekloth     OL/DL              10
57           Owen Underbakke            OL/LB              11
60           Matt McClimon                  OL/DL              10
62            Robert Michels                 OL/DL              10
70            Randy Gerard                   OL/DL              12


Coaches: Karl Urbaniak, Paul Tollefsrud, Adam Wilder
Volunteer Coaches: Russell Larson, Doug Wyffels 
Managers: Camryn Cox,Samuel Garness,  Riley Gerard, Emma Middendorf, Riley Snell, Brevyn Tollefsrud, Treyson Tollefsrud

Cheerleading Coach: Heather Kleiboer

Cheerleaders: Piper Carmack, Izabella Gerleman,  Katelyn Kleiboer, Kaila Lawrence, Savannah Phillips, Jenny Reenalda, Grace Solberg

Medical Personnel: Jess Morken

Principal: Michelle Weidemann                         Supt: Gary Kuphal

Band Director: Sam Farnen                     Athletic Director: Lonnie Morken

Contact: Heather Kleiboer