Due to summer construction, in addition to our school year ending early this year (last day May 27th, 2022 at 12:15), we will also be starting school a week later this coming 2022-2023 school year.

Start of the 2022-2023 School Year:
September 7th: Back to School Night

September 12th: 1st Day of High School (ELEM individually scheduled testing day) 
September 13th: 1st Day of Elementary School

We have received many inquiries regarding summer SAC. Due to the scheduled construction at the school this summer, we have been looking into other options. Unfortunately, we couldn't secure an alternate location. Therefore, we are unable to offer summer SAC this year. Thank you for your understanding.


2021 Fall Trap Team

Trap Shooting team-Conference Champions 1A        
Top 5 shooters        
#1 Dawson Kleiboer-24.5        
#2 Saijal Slafter-23.8        
#3 Austin Snell-23.7        
#4 Emma Middendorf-23.5        
#5 Riley Snell-22.8        
Team Rookie of the year        
Lane Koch        
Team Most Improved        
Dawson Kleiboer        
Conference Awards - Male   Conference Awards - female    
1st-Dawson Kleiboer   1st Saijal Slafter    
    2nd Emma Middendorf    
State Awards-All State team (top 100)        
Males Females      
Dawson Kleiboer-Tie 3rd Saijal Slafter-tied 27th      
Austin Snell tied 32 Emma Middendorf tied 46