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Geometry 10: Syllabus

Geometry Syllabus
Instructor: Mr. Doug Wyffels, Room 306, 493-5422 ext. 251

Course Description: This course is designed to give the student a beginning coverage of the traditional geometric concepts. Algebra is a prerequisite for this course.

Textbook: Geometry; Kalin and Corbitt; Copyright 1993; published by: Prentice Hall

Course Outline: The course will consist of units that are in a sequence that enables students to acquire important geometric skills and to reason mathematically.

1. Radical Expressions
2. Pythagorean Theorem
3. Language of Geometry
4. Logic
5. Parallelism
6. Congruent Triangle
7. Inequalities in Triangles
8. Similarity
9. Area and Volume
10. Coordinate Geometry
11. Constructions

Daily work and Attendance: There will usually be an assignment each day over the material covered in class. Students are expected to complete assignments, which are corrected in class by the students. Points are based completion and accuracy of assignments.

Tests and Quizzes: There will be 1 to 2 quizzes per week and a test at the end of each unit.

Grading: Grades will be based on a 90-80-70-60% scale. (90% and above being an A, 80-89% a B, and so on) Students are graded on total points of Tests, Quizzes and homework assignments.

Missed Assignments and Tests: Students will be given one week to make up missed assignments and/or tests. If completed after that time they will receive a reduced number of points.

Cheating: Cheating on test or quizzes will not be tolerated. This is unacceptable behavior. The first offense will result in a grade of F for the exam. A second offense will result in a grade of F for the quarter.


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