Starting 9/10/20 ALL students will receive FREE Breakfast and Lunch. This is due to a change in USDA regulations, and will remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2020 or until funding expires. 

As of 9/21/20: Football and Volleyball athletic seasons have been reinstated for the Fall 2020 season. Tentatively the first VB game will be 10/8 and the first FB game on 10/9. Spectator information and Season Schedule details are still being worked out--stay tuned for updates. If you have a student athlete, please make sure that fall athletic fees are paid by the first game. 
Cost: grades 6-8th are $35 per sport, grades 9-12 are $50 per sport. Please contact Mr. Morken (AD) or the school office with questions. 

Per the Governor's Executive Order executed on July 22, 2020, the Mabel-Canton Public School district will be mandating all k-12 students, staff and visitors to wear masks as they enter and remain in the school building beginning  July 25, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding and compliance.  Please call the school district administrative team if you have any questions.

Welcome to Art Exploration

Art Exploration is the only class for students taking art at the senior high level this school year. Students will create original art by exploring a variety of materials and developing skills. Students will make connections to their world by studying art time periods, art movements, and noted artists. They will critique their own artwork and the artwork of others. The class will include instruction and practice in drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, calligraphy, printmaking and more, Students are required to keep a portfolio for proficiency review.

A little bit about me:  Mrs. Stena Lieb

This is my first year at Mabel-Canton and I am excited to be here.  

I grew up in Fillmore County on a dairy farm.  As a farm girl, I learned how to work hard and apply all I could to each job I tackled.  I also experienced how to create and understand art making processes from my family.  My mother taught me to draw and fostered my creativity throughout grade school and high school.

After graduating from high school, I earned a degree in K-12 Visual Arts Education from Winona State University.  After college, I taught Visual Arts for a couple of years before moving away from education and focusing on my family.    I am happily married with four fantastic children.  

The pull of teaching has been too difficult to resist, so for the last four years I have been substitute teaching.  To further my own abilities in educating students through Visual Arts, I earned my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University in 2015.  Now, I am here at Mabel-Canton and am pleased to have such wonderful students to guide the exploration of the Visual Arts world. 

Contact: Mrs. Stena Lieb