Speech: Syllabus

Speech Class

In this class students will use the various types/aspects of
communication (i.e., listening, verbal, nonverbal, intra-personal, interpersonal, small group, public, mass, and intercultural). Through practice the students will develop public speaking skills that will serve them in their adult careers.
Students will learn the basic elements of the communication process and the role each of these elements plays in effective communication. Students will also develop their skills in speech preparation and performance competency as they prepare a variety of speeches and present them before a live audience.
By learning and utilizing Powerpoint presentations, the students will appreciate the importance of using technology in the modern world. This skill will be used in other classes, as well as utilized as a tool in careers or activities outside of education.

**********Remember that EFFORT is key to this class!

Grading :
Grades will be dependent on three components: speeches (5), daily assignments, and assessments. Class participation is essential for the final grade in this class. Because of this, class attendance is required to earn a higher grade. Quizzes and tests are minimal; the majority of the final grade is dependent on the effort, improvement and presentation of the speeches.

The grading scale is based on the following scale:
60% D
70 C
80 B
90 A

Classroom Rules:
· Students will come to class with textbooks, notebooks and writing utensils.
· Phones are not acceptable in the classroom. Any use of a phone during class hours will result in loss of the phone until further notice.
· Students will turn in assignments on time and in a neat format. Deadlines should be honored.
· Students will need to complete homework assignments in order to evolve into intelligent speakers who will maintain valuable class discussion.
· No rudeness or harassment to any member of this class will be tolerated.
· One warning should suffice before student will be asked to leave the room.
· In the above scenario, no credit will be accrued for the class.
· Good manners only are acceptable. No suggestive language or innuendos will be tolerated.
· Bathroom breaks will be taken in a timely fashion, not exceeding three minutes.
· Cheating is sharing information when it is not acceptable, so the resulting grade will be divided between the participants.
· If a grade is disputed, a calm and rational discussion only is the appropriate response.
· Students will be held responsible for their activities outside of the classroom when using a pass. Violation of this will result in loss of the pass privileges.

· If a student needs help with studying for a test or on daily assignments, please ask.


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