Welcome to the Mabel-Canton School District

Cristal Adkins-Chair Mary Kuhn-Vice-Chair Troy Soiney-Treasurer Jeff Rein-Clerk Jane Hall-Director Chris Loppnow-Director Mark Weidemann-Director
We are grateful for your interest in the Mabel-Canton Community School District. The school board represents one of the earliest cornerstones of our free, democratic society. Your observation and participation is welcomed. All regular and special board meetings are open to the public. The agenda for all regular and special board meetings is posted in the window of the district office, located at 316 W. Fillmore Ave., Mabel, MN.

Mabel-Canton Board of Education

Members of the Board of Education are elected in the district for four year terms.

There are seven board members. Your school board has complete and final control over local school matters within limits set by state law and regulations. The board of education is a policy-making body whose decisions are carried out by school administrators. The board functions as a whole, and its authority lies within the will of its majority. No board member has power to act independently.

Citizens with questions about the operation of the schools are encouraged to first contact the teacher or staff member closest to the situation. The next step is to communicate with the superintendent. At this point, unresolved concerns may be addressed by the school board.

Mabel-Canton School Board
Member                          Office                    Year Elected                      Term Expires
Cristal Adkins                Chair                      1/1/2015                             1/1/2019
Mary Kuhn                     Vice Chair              1/1/2013                             1/1/2017
Troy Soiney                    Treasurer              1/1/2015                             1/1/2019
Jeff Rein                         Clerk                      1/1/2015                             1/1/2019
Jane Hall                         Director                 1/1/2013                             1/1/2017
Chris Loppnow                Director                 1/1/2015                             1/1/2019
Mark Weidemann            Director                 1/1/2013                             1/1/2017

Contact: Jennifer Backer