Have a great summer!

If you need to contact the office, please email the office staff ( or You may also call the school at 507-493-5422 and leave a message. The Business Manager (Todd)  will be at ext. 104, and here on Tuesdays from 9 am - 4 pm. Supt. Backer will be in on Mondays (July/Aug) from 8:30-1 pm and Tuesdays (June-Aug) from 9-4 pm. The school will be closed on Fridays, and the office will not have regular hours during the summer weeks.


Athletic Eligibility Meetings 2014-2015

The dates have been set for:
Thursday, July 31st
Tuesday, August 5th
7 pm ---- High School Gym

If you have a student that is planning on participating in ANY Sports during this coming school year, they must attend one of these two meetings, preferrably with a parent.
If you have any questions about these Eligibility Meetings, please contact the Athletic Director Lonnie Morken.
507-493-5422 ext. 255

Athletic Fees 2014-2015
Grades 6-8 $35.00
Grades 9-12 $50.00
(per sport or Family Max $160.00)

Would you like to be a Host Family?

If you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student in the upcoming school years, please contact Mr. Nolte for more information.
507-493-5422 ext. 106

Mabel Canton Public School

316 W. Fillmore Ave.
Mabel, MN 55954
Phone: (507) 493-5422
Fax: (507) 493-5425

Back To School Night 2014
Wednesday, August 27th
4:00-8:00 PM

Lifetouch will be taking Student photos in the High School Gyms. 
Office Staff will be able to assist you in the HS Gym as well.
Teachers will be available for classroom tours and questions from 5-8 pm.
Transportation Director and Lunch Program Directors will also be on site.

Are you interested in becoming a Booster Club member or help out with PALS?
Both organizations will be on site to answer questions. There will also be free drawings (no need to be present) for you to register for.

More details will be posted soon!



What Qualities Make Good
School Board Members?

- Motivated by the best interests of ALL kids
- Passionate about public education
- Able to make decisions
- Strong communicators, willing to listen
- Believers in the Democratic process
- Committed to governance training
- Able to function as part of a team
- Collaborative


School Day Care Possibility

Would you be interested in a Day Care center at M-C School?

Please check out the SURVEY link on the left hand side bar. If you would take just a minute to help us out by completing a simple survey to show your interest (or not) in a Day Care Center located here at the school, we want to know your opinion!
Thank you for your time!


You can order your Yearbook here!

If you are interested in getting your book of memories from the past school year, click on the following link:
Online Yearbook Ordering Link:

Yearbooks are filled with countless memories that you will cherish for years to come. Which pages will YOU be on?